Mobile check-in apps- a win-win situation for guests and hotel staff

The hotel industry is one where the staff has to put in just too much effort to bring a smile on the face of the guests. One mistake by the hotel staff can create havoc. No wonder that the hotel staff is always under a constant burden. This can affect the staff adversely.

It is therefore, important that hotels keep in mind that along with customer service and customer satisfaction they also need to focus on the staff of their hotel. They need to find ways and means that will help in providing better service to the guests and at the same time, it must also help in bringing down the burden from the shoulders of the staff.

The answer lies with hotel mobile check in technology:

Now, here is one technology that is beneficial for the staff as well as the guests. This is the hotel mobile check in technology. In this technology, there is no space for boring documentation. This is a technology which is enhancing the experience of the guests without increasing the administrative burden of the staff.

This is how the mobile check-in technology will help the guests:

One of the most striking features of this technology is that the guests can Check-in with Selfie. All that the guests have to do is check and book a room. When they arrive at the hotel they do not have to wait at the reception. They can simply check-in with the click of a button. Now this is helping in saving valuable time as the guest can complete the check in process in less than 5 minutes.

The mobile phone of the guest will be the key. The guests can enjoy a number of other customised features. This includes using room service, managing the controls of the room, booking services etc.

This is how mobile technology will help the hotel staff:

This app technology is one of the best ways to Improve Hotel Productivity. The front desk staff does not have to waste time in completing the check-in procedures. They do not have to allow time for complex documentation. The time that the staff saves can be used for other more productive and more constructive things. The administrative work is reduced but at the same time, there is no compromise with the security.

So who gets the final benefit?

The staff is happy as the administrative load is reduced and they are doing other better things for the hotel. The guests are happy as they are getting the best experience and they do not even have to waste their time in processes like check-in etc. But do you know who get the final and the biggest benefit. Without a doubt the hotel. The guests who get a good experience with your hotel will surely recommend your hotel to others. This will increase the demand for your hotel. The productivity of the staff becomes better. Naturally, this will help the hotel make more profits.

Café at Bukit Timah

When you’re travelling, you would like to experience only the best things of a place. Things can get expensive but still travellers cannot miss a chance of savouring the true flavour of the place they are travelling to. One such massive tourist destination is Singapore. Not only the city offers some of the most breathtaking experiences but they all come at a hefty cost. It’s easy to end up piling up your credit card bill, if you are not careful. So you better plan accordingly.

Cheap cafés near Bukit Timah

The best way to save some money in Singapore and also have limitless fun at the same time is to figure out the places within the city that won’t hurt your wallet. This is especially true if you’re in Bukit Timah. As you know, this locality happens to be one of the most densely populated private residential areas in the city. As expected, the price of nearly everything is higher than you can expect. To make the task of choice easier for you, we have brought forward a list of inexpensive cafes that you might want to visit. The food served here are not only amazingly delicious but it’s also light to your pocket. Enjoy the list.

Atlas Coffeehouse

The theme of this particular café is all set to blow your mind, especially if you are a sea enthusiast. Atlas Coffeehouse presents its dishes in such a thrilling manner that you might get some inspiration for your next Instagram feed. Among the most popular dishes served at the café include ‘Salmon Soba Noodles’ that costs only $18 and ‘Creamy Mushrooms on sourdough’, which comes for $14. But if you have the appetite and time to experiment some more, you should give the ‘Atlas Superbowl’ a try. This particular dish is filled with eggplant, roasted quinoa, mushrooms, crispy kale, cherry tomatoes, and roasted rosemary chicken as well as butter corn. That’s too much food for $18 we guess.

Rise and Grind and Café

Alongside Bukit Timah Road, right at the Crown Center, you shall be able to locate this amazing café at Bukit Timah. What’s more interesting about this bakery is that they serve all kinds of artisanal bread preparations without adding any artificial ingredients in the form of flavours, preservatives or colours. They make their brad out of entirely organic ingredients, which make them one of the hottest eating destinations around Bukit Timah. Crown Bakery is an expert blender of Japanese baking and European bread styles. Here, you can get artisanal breads for as low as $3.

KARA Café and Dessert Bar

If you are looking for a café that serves a diverse menu, KARA is the place to be. Currently, they serve a mix of Japanese, Thai, Mexican, Korean as well as healthy dishes based on Los Angeles cuisine that includes quinoa and kale. If you’re lucky to get a seat here, make sure that you try the Pork Belly Miso Bowl and Smoked Bacon Blues Toastie, for $16 and $15, respectively. Other popular dishes include Coco Cashew Pomelo Bowl and Okonomiyaki Truffle Tots.

Confused about what to show on your digital signage kiosk? Here are top 5 suggestions to get your feet wet!

So that you have already decided to invest in digital signage, it’s important to plan your campaign ahead of time, with aim of standing out. You may have already signed up, purchased the displays, and might have even started working on content. Your masterpiece is all set to go live for the world to see. However, it seems like you’re not at all thrilled with your content, and maybe you are looking for ideas that can help you reach that finishing lunch line. Of course, you wish to improve your brand engagement. This is only possible when you communicate your company aims and values with your audience. Standing out from your competition should be your priority. Fortunately, we have compiled some content ideas for your digital signage. Kindly remember that all these ideas might not be relevant to your industry. However, implementing some of these ideas can improve your campaign’s effectiveness, significantly. With the digital out of home advertising platform becoming more advanced every day, you should start utilizing its potential.

Testimonials can be a food place to start

Displaying testimonials received from your existing clients can be the best mean of building trust, showing proof of excellence and strengthening your brand’s personality. Testimonials not only helps in promoting your service or product, but they can help you build credibility; contributing towards a firm business presence. To add credibility, you might want to add photos of individual clients while displaying their comments for your company.

Weather reports might work great

Anyone who has been roaming out on streets needs to be aware of weather fluctuations. Showing weather reports can be the perfect way of engaging with your audience by inspiring them to spend more time with your digital signage kiosk. Remember that your brand visibility depends on how long they are spending time with your interactive display.

Contests work like magic!

Your contest is successful as long as you are receiving entries. It’s always better to spread the word out to the more people so that they can know about your contest. You may want to advertise your contest and display rules, and other lucrative deals throughout your digital signage network. This will give more people the chance of entering the contest and win.

Recipes for attracting people

In case you’re operating a restaurant or a cafe, it might be the best option for you to show recipes along with some breathtaking photos and a list of instructions on cooking the same at home. It’s always better to open up the appetite of your audience, and manipulate them to visit your place.

Everyone likes Images

Showcasing your business property, and communicating about all your new developments, exciting events, etc. along with a load of pictures organized in a slideshow, shall do the trick for you. Also, remember to update these photos more often, and you will never fall short of new ways of catching the attention of your audience.

Want to make some perfect change in your home? Look for the right professional

When it comes to making the changes in your home, the most important thing that matters is the interiors. There are a lot many things that you can add to the interiors of your house for providing it that perfect look. The only thing that matters is to hire a professional that will be able to offer you the best services of changing the interiors of your house.

There are some of the best interior design firms in Singapore, depending on your requirements and budget, you can easily hire the professional that suits you the best. Most of the professionals have their websites listed on the online platform which makes it easy for you to go through the services that are provided by a particular company.

The excellent part about changing the interiors of your house is that it gives you the pleasure of living in your dream home. An interiors designer is not only aware of the things that will help in improving the aesthetics of your house but a professional is also well aware of the ways that will help you in utilizing the space of your house in a better manner.

You can easily hire the best Interior Design Singapore, with so many expert professionals available in the country; it is easy to get your house completely changed in an easy manner. A professional can certainly make all the necessary changes in your house along with adding all things that you want to have in the interiors of your house.

With the help of an interior designer, you can change the way your house looks and the designers are also well aware of the things that they need to take out from your house to provide it that perfect look.

What to look forward to while planning to change the interiors of your house?

  • The most important thing that matters is the experience of a professional; you should look to hire an interior designer who has good years of experience in the field. By hiring a company that has the right expertise will surely help to get the best of the work.

  • You can also assess the work that has been done by a particular professional in the past. This will surely give you a better idea of the kind of creativity that you can get in the interiors of your house with the assistance of a professional.

  • You should also prefer to spend some time on the online platform as this will give you a huge number of ideas that you can come up with while changing the interiors of your house. Adding your own creativity is really a good idea.

  • Reviews and testimonies on the online platform also prove a great help, look for a company that has good reviews on the internet, this will surely help you to learn from the experience of other people who have already taken the services of an interior designer.

How to find the best Prime Mover Deals

Buying a commercial prime mover is one of the most commercial decisions made by any business. Every company has a certain budget and hence it is important to find the best prime mover deals for maximum growth and productivity of the business.

Here is how you should look for the best prime mover Singapore to meet your business needs.

Buy according to your needs and budget

Before you decide to make a purchase of the prime mover, you should first understand your business needs and plan to make a purchase according to your budget. There is no point in buying a discounted prime mover if it would not be able to match your needs five years down the line. Choose to buy prime mover Singapore at affordable rates which will suit your needs in the future as well.

Plan the truck financing well before the purchase

You should buy the prime movers at the most reasonable rates. Instead of paying a huge amount for a single commercial vehicle you can choose to lease your commercial vehicle. Lease your prime mover Singapore at the least interest and initial payment. This will make you save money for your primary business needs and goals and you would be able to make a purchase of more than one prime mover at a time and expand your business.

Carry out a good research

Most companies buy new trucks and trailers from the nearby shops and end up drowning in the loss. Well, yes you need to see the truck before you make a purchase but you can find a plethora of truck options online. You can broaden your search by going online. You can find the best and most affordable deals going on while looking for trucks online. When you find the best vendors you can go to the dealers and take a test drive, negotiate pricing and make a quick and smart purchase. There are greater opportunities for making a good purchase while surfing the prime mover options online. Buy the best commercial prime mover Singapore at affordable rates.

Make a deal as soon as possible

There is a plethora of prime mover available online. You should not take much time in making the final decision. Once you find the prime mover is matching your business needs and rates are fine you should immediately opt for making deals. A delay in making deals can lead someone else to grab the opportunity.

Well, the time you feel that your last prime mover needs to be replaced you should start your research. A delay can lead you to miss good opportunities and even hamper your business performance. You should shop smart and negotiate the prices before you finalize the deal.

Keep in mind a few factors before you make the final deal. Choose prime mover Singapore which is best in quality and fulfills all your business needs at affordable rates. Purchasing a good prime mover Singapore can give a boost to your business.

Types of Meeting Tables and Office Workstation Designs in Singapore

Productivity is always linked to the quality of office furniture. Long hours are spent in the office. Discomfort in sitting arrangement can lead to many health ailments apart from causing physical discomfort. Designs of office workstations in Singapore which are ergonomically designed provide comfort to the employees and reduce work stress. All types of desks and chair are available in various materials. To make your offices aesthetically pleasing and also a place where employees do not feel discomfort, you can choose from a list of materials. Different types of wood, plastic, and fiber materials are commonly used to design ergonomic office furniture. Meeting tables in Singapore are available in different designs and dimensions.

Good office furniture promotes good health

Select office workstations in Singapore from a list of colors, palettes, and designs. For concept designs and tailor-made options, find designs for meeting tables in Singapore with better options. Furniture that looks boring also makes you feel uninspired and lazy. One of the best ways to boost the employee morale is to use office furniture that provides beauty and comfort. Buying from this well-designed furniture can help you prevent muscular disorder. You can also develop fatigue sitting, and this condition can be prevented if you are seated in an ergonomically designed furniture.

Add colors that bring vibrancy

Choosing office furniture that has color uplifts the mood of the employees and makes the employees feel enthusiastic when they are working in such an environment. Choosing the right kind of office furniture is essential and greatly helps people working in the office stay healthy. Smart designs in workstations also help keep the office stationery, and other items organized. You can have easy-to-reach cabinets and storage spaces when you choose from smart designs for office workstations and meeting tables.

Placement of office workstations

Choose a space and arrange the workstations that provide ample sunlight. It is important to design the layout that does not block the natural light. When you work in an office that has good lighting, it also gives you good sleep in the night. Regardless of how many hours you put to work, your sleep cycle is unaffected when you choose ergonomic workstations and office furniture.

Office furniture that makes collaboration comfortable

An office is a place where there are meetings and people collaborate and work together. Since, the advent of digital technology, office workstations are designed to accommodate gadgets of all sizes and weight. You will easily be able to access your iPad, laptop, or any other device when you are working on a workstation. Designs in workstations help you have a clutter-free desk and keep it neat and clean.

Options for panels and desks

Office workstations and meeting tables are designed with panels and desks. Apart from work, the office desk is also used for lunch, take calls, etc and having a comfortable seating makes your workplace enjoyable.

Versatile options for office furniture is available that let you arrange them on ad-hoc bases for a meeting anytime you need. Even if you do not have a conference room, there are office workstation and furniture options that can be arranged anytime one needs.

Add Creativity in your business to grow business profits

We all know that with the help of online platform, it has now become easy for people to shop things online; this is the reason why we find hardly any company which does not have a strong presence on the web design. You will easily find companies who do the marketing and advertising of their business through this platform and they are growing in their businesses in leaps and bounds. If you are also planning to get a strong presence on this platform, then this piece of writing is a must read for you.

No doubt that having a website is a necessity in today’s time, however it is also very necessary to have a website which easily catches the eyeballs from users. A website is actually considered as the soul of a company, thus by ensuring your good online presence on this platform, you can ensure to increase your clientele and good on the web.

The common mistakes which most of the business owners make are that they don’t give any attention to their website once it is developed, this can actually lose them a huge number of clients. To have a website which will help you to grow your business, there are some of the points which you have to assess so that your website will help you generate profits in your business.

Let us have a look at some of the points which will help you add creativity to your website:

Use of slides: You must have noticed that a website which provides the option of slides, never fails to catch our attention. Thus, if you want to make your website easy to understand then you can always use slides to make it comprehensive and attractive as well. There are various options which are available in slides and you can easily choose the ones which suit your requirement the most.

Use of the latest trends: It is always recommended for you to be up-to-date with the recent trends in websites, for this purpose you can research on the online platform to know about the changes which generally happen in website designing, this will help you with various options and idea and at the end you can easily choose the option which suits your needs the best.

Add creativity: Illustrations and designs always prove a great help in web designing, this is the reason why it is always recommended to add various illustrations which compliment your products and services. Adding creativity to your website will surely help you to catch more eyeballs.

Discuss your expectations: It is always considered as a good idea to speak to your web designer and share your expectations related to the website, this will also give him the clear idea that what kind of web designing you want.

So, if you are also looking to have a strong presence on the internet, then these points will surely prove a great help to you.

9 reasons to hire bus for your wedding

Many couples decide to celebrate their union outside the city, in a country setting that gives them the intimacy and familiarity they seek and in this planning they discuss the possibility of renting a bus to make it available to the guests, simplifying transportation and logistics which carries. This is why we want to tell you the advantages of this service and help you make the best decision

1. Tranquility

For you and the guests, having a bus charter Singapore that covers the route from a place in the city to the venue of the ceremony will reduce difficulties and risks.

There is no need for each to calculate the time it will take or to interpret the map and ask for GPS help. The previously trained driver will perform these functions, while your family and friends can dedicate themselves to enjoy the scenery, talk and start the party from the road.

2. Logistics

Having a unified transport for the people who will accompany you at the wedding will help you to control the schedules because everyone will arrive at the same time and will go to time.

3. Security

Knowing that you do not have the responsibility of driving back will make many of the guests enjoy the cocktails and the liquor menu that you will offer at the party without restrictions or risks.

4. Gift and thanks

Having a contracted transport for the party, is a nice detail of gratitude for the people who will accompany you on your big day, as you will save on gasoline, tolls, parking and extra expenses that can be presented along the way. Take this opportunity to put some decoration on the bus and why not, have a small greeting card in each post.

5. Conversations on the road

The fact that they all go together helps the socialization take place even before arriving at the ceremony. Sure, as you go along the route, your guests will start talking and get to know each other better, which will make the festive atmosphere begin early.

6. Without extra space

Many of the places available for wedding celebrations, especially those located outside the city, have limited space for parking or high cost for the valet parking services. With the bus charter Singapore you avoid these two inconveniences and you can remove it from your pending list of the wedding plan.

7. Fun

Inventing a game for the route or bus charter Singapore a “tour guide” to take a tour of the couple’s history can be a beautiful way to break the ice, put everyone in the best mood and mood for celebration and make time of the trip becomes incredibly short.

8. Moment of rest

After the party, with all the emotions, cocktails, dancing and crazy time, you better have all your guests can travel to relax, watch and even sleep while they come home. I’m sure they’ll thank you for not having to drive.

A means of transport for every need

Logistics and DG cargo delivery currently represent essential services for the daily functioning of every society and its economic gears. This has happened after the appearance of economic relocation and globalization that, every day, increases global communication and interdependence between different countries of the world, uniting their markets, societies, and cultures. This is where transportation comes into play as a key element, since, as an example of the most illustrative, only 90% of the products used every day in the daily life of people or the cities are transported by sea.

Nowadays there are all kinds of means of transport for each type of company, product or need. That is why the selection criteria of one type of medium or another will depend on the factors of each shipment. Even so, the most influential for Logistics services is, without doubt, the cost of transportation.

Other variables to take into account are usually the speed or delivery times, the type of product, the distance, economic and environmental efficiency, the safety of transport or the precision of the different ways of moving the goods, among many others. Next, we will develop the most common means of transport, as well as their general characteristics.

Terrestrial medium

It includes both the transfer by road with trucks or another type of vehicle as well as the railroad. It is the most versatile means of transport of all those that exist because its capacity of personalization is very high, being able to transport all kinds of merchandise as well as having ample options to configure the distribution, as, the “door to door” distribution. In addition, it is a quick and affordable method, especially when the distance is not excessive.

The rail covers a greater distance than the road and is usually employed by factories in the primary sector as it needs high investment and transports large amounts of merchandise, generally in bulk.

Maritime and fluvial environment

The maritime transport is the most used for international shipments, since it is capable of hosting large quantities of merchandise and, therefore, is a very cheap way to transport all kinds of products: in containers, in bulk, etc. For its part, the waterway is a method commonly used in national distributions, given its speed and safety.

Air means

The transfer of merchandise by air is the fastest way to haul products, although its price is not comparable with other methods such as the sea or the road. However, if we look at the speed-cost relationship, it is an exciting option for companies. Although initially, it was a transport designed for the movement of people, advances in aeronautics (larger aircraft with more cargo capacity, etc.) and, especially, the appearance of the container TEU allowed to transport goods competitively. It is the means par excellence for the transport of warlike or military merchandise, and of merchandise that, by their perishable character, need to move quickly.

Intermodal and multimodal transport

Although it is not a means of transportation itself, it is increasingly an option used by logistics firms for international shipments. This type of carrier adds at least two different means of transport, but with the same groupage of cargo, increasing the speed of transport and the security of the goods.

Website Maintenance Hosting Services

Scarce resources, storage devices, expensive goods and talented staff have led many companies to seek safer hosting solution. Web hosting is the best concept when it comes to managing businesses and properly utilizing their resources. It also encourages business continuity initiatives as well as disaster recovery programs.

Many web hosting in Singapore companies opt for simple website hosting programs to hosting cloud hosting. Both are very important for businesses and business owners can take advantage of content management, business alignment resources, assistance accessing backup and recovery, and complete.

Leveraging hosting programs to meet and exceed business continuity needs is the most important thing for growing businesses today. In fact, it is the biggest challenge at the forefront of the expansion of business empires. There are many service providers that offer fully functional housing programs and resources that are useful in managing large number of online resources (web pages).

They also offer some disaster recovery programs that make recovery complete data backup and secure. In fact, they offer a robust, perfectly armed infrastructure that is designed to restore failover for high availability,

If you are a business owner running an extensive website that has great weight of content, you have to go for managed hosting. You need to consult a hosting provider who will be able to host your website, its content and other resources. The hosting provider will offer many clear advantages to you. Strong bandwidth as well as storage space will help you in managing your assets online.

Web hosting in Singapore offers great bandwidth and additional storage space to split your resources. Many web site owners who are not aware of the services they provide such as guaranteed uptime, customer support, technical assistance, multiple serving, easy set up, Tools for webmasters and free software. However, businesses can rely on high-end routers, and firewalls without hidden charges.

Many web hosting service providers advise website owners to have the most beneficial service according to their needs. Website owners also want more server space so that they can manage their websites. Service providers facilitate business owners in the shopping account, account setup and management. They also handle large databases of support and exclusive assistance.

Service providers usually offer better web hosting services to entrepreneurs so they can manage their information in real time, web infrastructure and other online resources. This makes them show their global presence in the professional way of affecting their profits helps.

There are plenty of website hosting service providers that offer hosting as well as reputed register domain services round the clock. These services offer excellent support, quick response, high uptime, greater bandwidth and web hosting solutions in different format including shared hosting, dedicated hosting, VPN and cloud options.

Evaluate data transfer rate and disk space capacity

Evaluating data transfer speed and disk space capacity is a valuable step that needs to be examined before selecting a web hosting provider. Disk space capacity must be aligned with business needs, and so is data transfer speed where speed matters a lot. Being low on either one could hinder business prospects and therefore, you should never compromise with them.