Café at Bukit Timah

When you’re travelling, you would like to experience only the best things of a place. Things can get expensive but still travellers cannot miss a chance of savouring the true flavour of the place they are travelling to. One such massive tourist destination is Singapore. Not only the city offers some of the most breathtaking experiences but they all come at a hefty cost. It’s easy to end up piling up your credit card bill, if you are not careful. So you better plan accordingly.

Cheap cafés near Bukit Timah

The best way to save some money in Singapore and also have limitless fun at the same time is to figure out the places within the city that won’t hurt your wallet. This is especially true if you’re in Bukit Timah. As you know, this locality happens to be one of the most densely populated private residential areas in the city. As expected, the price of nearly everything is higher than you can expect. To make the task of choice easier for you, we have brought forward a list of inexpensive cafes that you might want to visit. The food served here are not only amazingly delicious but it’s also light to your pocket. Enjoy the list.

Atlas Coffeehouse

The theme of this particular café is all set to blow your mind, especially if you are a sea enthusiast. Atlas Coffeehouse presents its dishes in such a thrilling manner that you might get some inspiration for your next Instagram feed. Among the most popular dishes served at the café include ‘Salmon Soba Noodles’ that costs only $18 and ‘Creamy Mushrooms on sourdough’, which comes for $14. But if you have the appetite and time to experiment some more, you should give the ‘Atlas Superbowl’ a try. This particular dish is filled with eggplant, roasted quinoa, mushrooms, crispy kale, cherry tomatoes, and roasted rosemary chicken as well as butter corn. That’s too much food for $18 we guess.

Rise and Grind and Café

Alongside Bukit Timah Road, right at the Crown Center, you shall be able to locate this amazing café at Bukit Timah. What’s more interesting about this bakery is that they serve all kinds of artisanal bread preparations without adding any artificial ingredients in the form of flavours, preservatives or colours. They make their brad out of entirely organic ingredients, which make them one of the hottest eating destinations around Bukit Timah. Crown Bakery is an expert blender of Japanese baking and European bread styles. Here, you can get artisanal breads for as low as $3.

KARA Café and Dessert Bar

If you are looking for a café that serves a diverse menu, KARA is the place to be. Currently, they serve a mix of Japanese, Thai, Mexican, Korean as well as healthy dishes based on Los Angeles cuisine that includes quinoa and kale. If you’re lucky to get a seat here, make sure that you try the Pork Belly Miso Bowl and Smoked Bacon Blues Toastie, for $16 and $15, respectively. Other popular dishes include Coco Cashew Pomelo Bowl and Okonomiyaki Truffle Tots.