Critical Questions to Help you Pick the Right Home 

Let’s assume that you have set a budget including all the considerations to buy a property and are ready to go and view some properties. Have you decided that how to pick out the perfect one from various possibilities that you are going to view? After all, you are going to check on two or more houses but what would make the one better than the other?

Apart from the prove alone there are several questions you should ask yourself to divide on and finalize the decision of your new home. This way your viewing will become more effective and focused. This demonstration of genuine interest will help you get the critical answers that you need to discuss with the seller.


Critical question 1- What is the investment potential?

Will the house require high upkeep costs? Will the cost of your house and the location will increase in the future? You need to ask everything to ensure good capacities, access, and usefulness.

Question 2- how will the family lifestyle be affected?

You should notice that how your traveling time is changing to school and offices? Will the family needs be adequately touched? Check the presence of gyms, pools, parks, shopping malls, restaurants, etc.

While you are considering all these in mind, you must halt and check out the location, amenities of the Avenir condo in 8-32 River Valley Close.

commodore showflat

Whether you are considering it for an elderly or a kid, this condo binds every amenity suitable for every age. The River Valley primary school is located within 1 km and just at 4 minutes of walk, there is 24 hours NTUC Fair price supermarket.

Question 3- how is the directional position of the unit?

This section includes a question on the views and breeze of your unit. Which direction your unit is in? Will it be getting direct morning light or evening shade? If you are finding a home with enough privacy from your neighbors then you must look at it physically and should check if the sound is traveling across or not.

Question 4- How suitable is the surrounding area?

Is the immediate surrounding area being ok to have a pet and is there enough space to play with your kids? You should check the impact of weather on your unit and there should not be any potential disturbances in the area.

Question 5- what are the unique features of the unit?

The house should give pleasant views from w every window. The air circulation should be good and the interiors should be heartwarming. Nowadays, some new launch condos in Singapore are giving rise to the most delightful interior for their residents. One example is The Commodore – new Singapore condominium having 219 beautiful units. This iconic condo is sited at the heart of Canberra in district 27, Singapore.

It has a unique and awful design that is enough to satisfy your luxurious as well as prestigious life desires.

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