Noise Pollution and its Impact on Housing Choice

The quality of life in new buildings is affected not only by the location, but also by the environmental situation and the level of noise pollution. Acoustic noise directly affects the health, well-being and stress level of the tenants of modern complexes. Buyers of new buildings have little idea how much noise level can be a decisive factor in the selection of real estate.

High noise pollution in modern countries is a common cause of chronic diseases and even death. Noise is the main source of irritation. The problem is particularly acute in large cities, where in addition to excessive noise from vehicles, negatively affected by poor air condition and polluted air.

The noise level in the capital or megacities is almost not calculated. Noise pollution usually includes sounds from construction sites as well as busy highways. As the capital is actively built up with new objects, but few developers pay attention to the level of noise pollution.

Country real estate

Real estate developers are aware of the negative impact of noise on human health. After reaching a certain status or retirement, residents of large cities deliberately move outside the megacities. Distance from busy transport hubs, railway stations and bus stations are the main criterion for choosing suburban real estate.

In Singapore, on the contrary, when choosing housing outside the city, the main criterion is the availability of a transport hub. This makes travel more comfortable, because the tenants save their time. The residential apartments settled in suburban areas are free from excessive noise pollution. Canninghill Piers is one such location that features greenery, less noise and environment pollution. The best part is one can easily reach MRT station within 15 minutes by walking. The presence of international schools, shopping malls and Fort Canning Park brings tranquillity to living.

The Fort Canning Park is served as headquarters for the Far East Command Center and British Army Barracks. Other important gardens that you can visit while living in Canninghill Piers are:

  • Artisan’s Garden
  • Raffles Garden
  • Spice Garden
  • Farquhar Garden
  • Sang Nila Utama Garden
  • First Botanic Garden
  • Jubilee Park (Phase 1)
  • Armenian Street Park

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Difficult situation with apartments

As for apartments or commercial real estate, which is used as a residential, here the situation is ambiguous. According to the law, apartments are not subject to the rules of silence after 10 p.m. and at weekends. These criteria apply only to residential properties. This important point should be taken into account when selecting real estate in the primary market.

Residents of the metropolis suffer from noise pollution much more often than residents of small towns. The problem is compounded by other factors. Noise pollution directly affects stress levels and causes nervous breakdowns, as well as general health. After all, the house for many people is a place of rest. And noisy housing does not allow you to properly relax and recover from a hard day’s work.

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