Office Chairs: What are the varieties to buy?

An office chair or desk chair is a type of chair that is designed for use at a desk in an office, so it has a great influence on the work performance, productivity and health of employees. There are numerous types of office chairs, such as work or operating chairs, executive or management chairs, guest chairs, meeting chairs, conference chairs and ergonomic chairs, among others.

Types of Office Chairs

Office chairs come in a variety of models, thanks to the advancement of technologies, design, ergonomics and new materials, we can find them in multiple styles and forms, with many options available, and so we will always find the Model that suits our needs and budget.

There are numerous types of office chair, let’s look at some of them:

Working chairs or operating chairs: they are characterized by wheels, low back or half adjustable, height adjustable and generally also armrests. Wheels chairs are the most common office chair in Singapore, as they are inexpensive and provide acceptable comfort, although they are not usually ergonomic chairs.

Direction or executive chairs: they have armrests, ample seat, high back and generous padding, reason why they are very comfortable, comfortable and elegant. Executive office chairs are geared towards executives, senior management positions and people who hold management positions in a company or institution.

Guest or visitor chairs are fairly simple office chair, since they do not usually have wheels, armrests or adjustments, since they are designed to stay in them between 5 and 30 minutes. The office furniture for guests are chairs that are placed on the opposite side of the desks of the offices and are for visitors.

Meeting Chairs: They are used for occasional meetings, talks, courses or events where it is necessary to accommodate large groups. For this reason, office chairs for meetings are usually lightweight and easy to move, as well as stackable or foldable to store them taking up minimal space after the meeting. Some models include a folding arm that serves to take notes.

Conference chairs: These are elegant and comfortable chairs, with armrests, high backrests and a wide padded seat, so you could say that they are halfway between work chairs and chairs. Conference office chairs are commonly used in conference rooms, board meetings or council meetings.

Ergonomic chairs or kneeling chairs are non-conventional chairs that are characterized by their ergonomic design, as they keep the spine and back in active position and rest part of the weight on the knees, in a cushioned support, thus avoiding bad postures to fatigue.

Cantilever office chairs: they are characterized by lack of hind legs, in such a way that they support the weight in the two previous legs and their horizontal extension, thanks to the properties of the material of which they are made, usually steel tubes.

Folding office chairs: they are characterized because they can be folded easily, in such a way that they can be stored next to other office chair equal occupying the minimum space. Folding office chairs are usually lightweight and easy to move, and are usually used to accommodate a large number of people in places where there are no permanent seats, such as talks or meetings.