Providing Reliable Security Services

It is very important to provide tight security to your valuable assets and accessories. The company provides intact security and protection to the buildings by arranging unbreakable locks to their clients. The locksmiths and key makers have incomparable skills to make the locks which cannot be opened by any other duplicate keys. The company makes locks for all kinds of lockers and almirahs so that one can keep the valuables in it. The company hires the master locksmiths who are dexterous in making the locks.

The company facilitates their customers by making duplicate keys for them if they have lost their keys somewhere. They offer the services of door locks, car locks, safe locks, two wheeler locks, etc.  They specialise in making all kinds of keys and always give prompt services to their customers at affordable pricing. Time and again, the company keeps the training session for their skilled workers and improvises their talent in winning the heart of their customers. Along with their services, they also provide guarantee both on parts and labour.

Another important feature of giving protection to your assets is security services. The company also provides well trained and physically fit security guard services. They keep the details of the guards and police verification to avoid any kind of discrepancy in future. They are conscious of the safety of their clients and never give any chance of complaint. The security services are given to the following:

  • Banks
  • Gated societies
  • Companies and factories
  • Arrange private security guards for higher authorities
  • Valuable assets
  • Hotels
  • Malls and hospitals
  • Schools and universities

The utmost care is being taken to train and prepare the security guards so that they are well equipped to handle any kind of unfavourable situation. The company takes care of the following to give impeccable services to their clients:

  • Security Guards training: The security guards are given the training to use metal detectors, fire extinguishers and LCD projectors so that they can use it without any hesitation at the time of critical situation.
  • Own vehicles: The Company provides vehicles to the security guards so that they can go for day and night checks if the area is vast and cannot be covered on foot.
  • Continuous information updating of security personnel: They are being provided a monthly newsletter and newspaper to keep them updated with the latest news and information.
  • Regular night check: The Company makes sure that the security guards give proper duty at night and does not take advantage of the situation. The guards who give the duties as per the instructions are given incentive each month.
  • Audits: the proper inspection and the audits are done of all the nearby routes to give the report to the managing director. It helps the guard to keep an overview of all the routes and the surrounding area. It also provides the information about the suspected area.
  • Post duty manuals: The post duty manuals are prepared to assist the newly appointed guard who can execute his duties without any hindrances.