The Secret Behind an Obedient Dog 

There are several factors added to the wellness of a dog but the most important is to arrange obedience training. To develop a good dog-human relationship there is a mandate to establish mutual understandings and compatibility between the dog and the owner.

Before we get to know the secrets of an obedient dog, you must know the positive aspects of taking dog training private lessons:

  1. Training will help you to establish a none confrontational and safe way to ascertain control. For a dominant dog personality, it is especially important.
  2. Some pushy dogs that nudge their owners for attention and get on the furniture are comparatively less dominant but still need to obey the rules. Training helps them to keep under control and tells them that their owner is dominant.
  3. With training, you will be able to make a healthy and strong relationship between you and your dog. And it opens a line of clear communication between both of you.
  4. If he follows all the set rules and boundaries, he is ready to become an active member of your family as well as your society.
  5. Training prevents the unwanted actions of a dog including growling, jumping off, nipping, digging, and chewing is a few among them.
  6. Obedience training of your dog will give him the crucial need of exercise, a strong bond with the owner, and mental stimulation which is an important part of a dog’s wellness.
  7. The more your dog will be trained with obedience, the more he will become safer. Trust is gained and mutual respect develops.
  8. You do not have to worry about the behavior of your dog when you take him out or someone arrives at your place.

It is crucial to know that, dog obedience training is a step-by-step process, so you will have to wait for some time for seeing the results. It will not be possible overnight so begin the process as soon as possible, even as early as three months of his age.

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Secrets for an obedient dog

‘Never underestimate the power of a positive reinforcement’.

In any type of workplace, we can generally see two types of managers there. One who uses loud vocals, fear, and threats so that the employees perform well. And the other one uses a good-natured, positive and calm approach. If you also have gone through both types of managers, you must admit that there is no comparison between the two!

A positive approach creates less stress, and creates a happier employee and ultimately the productive ones too. Positive reinforcement while training the dog will sincerely give a rate of more than 100% productivity and has a high success rate.