Confused about what to show on your digital signage kiosk? Here are top 5 suggestions to get your feet wet!

So that you have already decided to invest in digital signage, it’s important to plan your campaign ahead of time, with aim of standing out. You may have already signed up, purchased the displays, and might have even started working on content. Your masterpiece is all set to go live for the world to see. However, it seems like you’re not at all thrilled with your content, and maybe you are looking for ideas that can help you reach that finishing lunch line. Of course, you wish to improve your brand engagement. This is only possible when you communicate your company aims and values with your audience. Standing out from your competition should be your priority. Fortunately, we have compiled some content ideas for your digital signage. Kindly remember that all these ideas might not be relevant to your industry. However, implementing some of these ideas can improve your campaign’s effectiveness, significantly. With the digital out of home advertising platform becoming more advanced every day, you should start utilizing its potential.

Testimonials can be a food place to start

Displaying testimonials received from your existing clients can be the best mean of building trust, showing proof of excellence and strengthening your brand’s personality. Testimonials not only helps in promoting your service or product, but they can help you build credibility; contributing towards a firm business presence. To add credibility, you might want to add photos of individual clients while displaying their comments for your company.

Weather reports might work great

Anyone who has been roaming out on streets needs to be aware of weather fluctuations. Showing weather reports can be the perfect way of engaging with your audience by inspiring them to spend more time with your digital signage kiosk. Remember that your brand visibility depends on how long they are spending time with your interactive display.

Contests work like magic!

Your contest is successful as long as you are receiving entries. It’s always better to spread the word out to the more people so that they can know about your contest. You may want to advertise your contest and display rules, and other lucrative deals throughout your digital signage network. This will give more people the chance of entering the contest and win.

Recipes for attracting people

In case you’re operating a restaurant or a cafe, it might be the best option for you to show recipes along with some breathtaking photos and a list of instructions on cooking the same at home. It’s always better to open up the appetite of your audience, and manipulate them to visit your place.

Everyone likes Images

Showcasing your business property, and communicating about all your new developments, exciting events, etc. along with a load of pictures organized in a slideshow, shall do the trick for you. Also, remember to update these photos more often, and you will never fall short of new ways of catching the attention of your audience.