Are you looking for a warehouse for your exercise machines?

Here is 5 tools low cost to stay in shape you can easily keep in your temporary storage. Running and walking outdoors: what better way to keep fit with the start of summer? Do not take these activities to light, though. Walking is good, yes, but always with the right equipment that will help them not to get tired more than they should and face the best route you choose, be it in the mountains, hills or plains.

And do not use the excuse of the limited space where to store your equipment. By now everyone knows that thanks to our service rent storage self-storage you can get all the space you need. You can avoid cluttering the cellar with backpacks, hiking boots, and clothing, and you will have no excuse to treat yourself to a nice little trip outdoors.

That’s why many of us do not give up a few hours of physical activity that allows for venting the frustrations of work or simply spend some ‘time to themselves.

Not everyone, however, likes to go to the gym. There are those who are content with daily exercises to do at home, but unfortunately, not all have available large spaces where to place the gym equipment after using them. Here’s another good reason to use the service of self-storage.

If you are looking for a warehouse storage in Singapore where store exercise bike, football and elastic bands, Safe is what’s right for you. All the space you need at your disposal to keep small and large tools. Here are some low cost and ultra-efficient which will help you find your perfect fit in no time at all.


Here are two exercise machines that there will surely suffer in the search space within your self storage warehouse. They are simple, low cost and extremely useful for improving flexibility, muscle tone, breathing and energy levels, but most are handy tools that you can roll up and place in a corner.


Unlike yoga mat and rope skipping, for these two tools, you’ll want to set up an ad hoc space. They are both very helpful in increasing stability, balance and put more muscle movement simultaneously.

The Fitball is a large ball that is utilized primarily to improve your posture and strengthen your abs. The Ab Wheel is a wheel with a handlebar that allows putting in motion more than 20 muscles in the body.

Just what you need to get prepared to the dreaded swimsuit season.


If your purpose is to train and get the best results for the arms and shoulders, then you’ll dumbbells and barbells. Through targeted exercises, you are able to increase muscle mass and simultaneously train biceps, triceps, shoulders, and chest.

Handy for those with little time available, but most modular and easy to carry.

Within our self storage warehouses you can also save more cumbersome tools such as functional benches, treadmills, kettlebells and more.