Differences between Corrugated Board and Card Board

We are surrounded by cardboard. And sometimes it is difficult to distinguish the material from which the packaging is made around us. There are packaging of all sizes, from packaging for perfumes and medicines to boxes for large transport. With so much variety is normal that you have doubts and are not clear the differences between corrugated cardboard and carton.

In the post today, we provide a comparison between corrugated cardboard and carton, so you do not hesitate to distinguish them. You will see that they are very different materials for very different uses.

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What is corrugated board?

Corrugated cardboard is a type of cardboard designed to make boxes for carrying objects.

Corrugated cardboard consists of several layers of smooth and corrugated paper which, combined with each other and conjugated to the different waves, give rise to the different qualities of the cardboard. In particular, the quality of a corrugated carton depends on the combination of 3 factors:

  • The type of wave or channel

  • The type of paper and its weight

How smooth and wavy sides of the box are combined?

Various online stores manufacture this type of cardboard and, in particular, we manufacture 6 different qualities of corrugated cardboard. In this post we explain all the details about the qualities of corrugated cardboard that we manufacture. You should find carton box supplier at various online stores.

The applications of the corrugated board are many, since with it can be made boxes of many formats and of very varied sizes. In general, the corrugated board provides some rigidity to the package, which plays in favor of its integrity and the protection of the interior.

The most popular corrugated box is the box with flaps or American box. Surely you know it well: it is a box with flaps that is sealed with tape both above and below.

What is cardboard?

Cardboard, also known as compact cardboard, has a totally different purpose. It is a type of cardboard designed for packaging much smaller, intended for the presentation of products. It is characterized by being flexible and having a fairly smooth texture, even in its more “raw ” versions. For example, perfumery or medicine containers are made of carton board.

The carton board is valued by the weight of the carton and its weight, in a very similar way to how the paper is valued. The carton board is not useful for transporting products; however it is ideal for presentation. On it is printed very easily, obtaining a result very similar to that obtained on paper.

One of the most important aspects in a carton is its quality: that depends mainly on its resistance when it comes to transporting your products. But calculating the quality of a carton is also one of the aspects of the packaging that generates more doubts, especially among the online shops that do not have a deep knowledge of the world of packaging.