Mobile check-in apps- a win-win situation for guests and hotel staff

The hotel industry is one where the staff has to put in just too much effort to bring a smile on the face of the guests. One mistake by the hotel staff can create havoc. No wonder that the hotel staff is always under a constant burden. This can affect the staff adversely.

It is therefore, important that hotels keep in mind that along with customer service and customer satisfaction they also need to focus on the staff of their hotel. They need to find ways and means that will help in providing better service to the guests and at the same time, it must also help in bringing down the burden from the shoulders of the staff.

The answer lies with hotel mobile check in technology:

Now, here is one technology that is beneficial for the staff as well as the guests. This is the hotel mobile check in technology. In this technology, there is no space for boring documentation. This is a technology which is enhancing the experience of the guests without increasing the administrative burden of the staff.

This is how the mobile check-in technology will help the guests:

One of the most striking features of this technology is that the guests can Check-in with Selfie. All that the guests have to do is check and book a room. When they arrive at the hotel they do not have to wait at the reception. They can simply check-in with the click of a button. Now this is helping in saving valuable time as the guest can complete the check in process in less than 5 minutes.

The mobile phone of the guest will be the key. The guests can enjoy a number of other customised features. This includes using room service, managing the controls of the room, booking services etc.

This is how mobile technology will help the hotel staff:

This app technology is one of the best ways to Improve Hotel Productivity. The front desk staff does not have to waste time in completing the check-in procedures. They do not have to allow time for complex documentation. The time that the staff saves can be used for other more productive and more constructive things. The administrative work is reduced but at the same time, there is no compromise with the security.

So who gets the final benefit?

The staff is happy as the administrative load is reduced and they are doing other better things for the hotel. The guests are happy as they are getting the best experience and they do not even have to waste their time in processes like check-in etc. But do you know who get the final and the biggest benefit. Without a doubt the hotel. The guests who get a good experience with your hotel will surely recommend your hotel to others. This will increase the demand for your hotel. The productivity of the staff becomes better. Naturally, this will help the hotel make more profits.