How to Rent a Condo with a Small Child?

When there are no opportunities to buy real estate or for some other reason the family prefers to rent a condominium, the question immediately arises how to find suitable housing. In addition to essential factors that determine the comfort of living, an important point is to find a compromise with the property owner – not everyone is ready to rent a condominium with a small child. Experts will discuss this in the article.

What should be the apartment: take into account all the nuances

When it comes to long-term rent, first of all you need to understand that the apartment is chosen for the growth of the child. 2-year-old restlessness will quickly reach 7, 12 and 17 years of age – all people with completely different interests and needs. Therefore, if you are going to rent a home with a child, rent a unit in new launch Amber Sea condominium in Singapore. You need to consider a number of points so as not to regret the choice in a few years and avoid spontaneous relocations.


Eventually, the child will need a workspace, so if you are considering the option between one- and two-bedroom apartments, the question disappears by itself in favor of more real estate. Also consider:

  • Toddlers of preschool and school age need a personal area for classes + a place for games and storage of toys.
  • Choose an apartment so that you can make changes. For example, a child loves his bed-car, but in a few years he will need a massive bunk bed-attic with a desk.
  • Think about what furniture should be present in the condo. This is important, because as the child grows, the number of clothes, shoes and toys will increase – all this will need to be stored somewhere. For example, if you want to rent an apartment in Singapore with a child, pay attention to the built-in wardrobe. They are usually quite spacious and convenient as storage space.


If the family has a small child, it is better if the apartment is located on the 2-3 floor. Yes, most modern apartment buildings, like Amber Sea, have elevators, but their breakdown should not be ruled out. In addition, it is not always convenient with a stroller, toys and a child in his arms to boot into the cabin.

Kindergartens, schools, hospital

Renting condominiums with children is usually of interest in areas where there are a large number of kindergartens and development centers, schools, clinics and hospitals. Always check the amenities nearby. It will be convenient for parents to get their child to school as soon as possible, and in case of illness to find a doctor quickly.

This item should include the convenience of transport interchanges and saturation of consumer infrastructure. It is good when shops, malls, supermarkets, subways and bus stops are within walking distance, as every day you have to buy groceries, and on weekends to organize leisure for the child, including in other areas.

Choose safe areas

If a small child is always under supervision, then over time he will begin to move independently, so safety is one of the important criteria for parents.

  • Examine the crime rate in the selected area.
  • Take a walk through the nearby streets: how many pedestrian crossings are there? Are the traffic lights installed?
  • Once settled, always maintain order in the apartment.

When it takes a long time to find a condo in one area, consider others, review the parameters of housing. Try looking for options with a higher rental rate. In any case, when it comes to Singapore and the region, there are many adjacent areas, from where you can easily get anywhere in the capital.